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31. Date: 13th December 2014 12:47
Name: Chris J White
Comment: Hi I live in Perth Scotland so find it difficult to visit Bucks. My wife's ancestry is from the Bucks Williamsons. Her g2gf was John Williamson buried Pitstone 3 Mar 1844 aged 47. I believe his parents to be John & Mary Williamson of Seabrooke but cannot prove it. A gravestone inscription might provide vital evidence. Mary was buried Pitstone 4 Feb 1821 aged 57 and husband John on 11 Oct 1844 aged 76. Can anyone help? I understand from Genuki that your library has Pitstone details.
32. Date: 1st November 2014 06:15
Name: Rick Aindow
Comment: Hi, I have a James Atkins (Attkins) living in the High Street of Stony Stratford in a drapers shop, his wife is listed as Lucy. I am trying to connect her with a Lucy Woodward Whitney bapt 1795? in Stony Stratford. James and Lucy have at least 7 children, the first being Ann born Sep 1808 which would make Lucy quite young as a mother? The other children are... Robert Atkins 07 Jan 1814 James Atkins 1823 Charles Atkins 21 Mar 1826 John Atkins 08 Apr 1828 Frederick Atkins (My ancestor) 1830 Thomas Atkins 15 Aug 1832 I have the family in the 1841 Census address High St, Stony Stratford. Any help would be great!
33. Date: 27th October 2014 19:29
Name: Tricia Carroll
Comment: Hello! I am searching for more information on the Horsman/Horseman family from Haddenham. Where they came from as information that I have gathered thus far show no record of any Horsman's being buried or born in Haddenham.
34. Date: 18th September 2014 16:52
Name: Tess Taylor
Comment: I am searching for my grandmother's family. My father William Taylor was born to Alice Penelope Taylor in 1910. I have reason to believe that in 1920 she married a George Patching & lived in the Aylesbury area. My father was brought up by his father's family & had no knowledge of his mother, even her name but I've traced it via his birth certificate.
35. Date: 13th September 2014 17:52
Name: david A. Walker
Comment: I am conducting research on the Watling Works Shipyard in Stony Stratford the founder, ca 1846/7 was an engineer Edward Hayes, he had a son Edward. I believe he was married in Pottersbury in 1844 and he died there in 1877. Is anyone in the Society researching this family? and could they help please. Edward Hayes (I or Sr) was born in Manchester in 1818 I believe. The history of the works is clear in many respects, they built many sea-going vessels there until about 1925/6 but details of the Hayes family seem difficult to locate. I would welcome suggestions for my further research if there is no direct information. Thank you in anticipation, David
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