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81. Date: 20th July 2012 18:40
Name: Mr James Halsey
Comment: I am researching the Halsey family tree and have reached a dead end with John Halsey born 1736 in Cublington who in 1757 in Cublington married Ann Halsey (Nee Biggs) born 1736 in Cublington. All of the Halsey line were born in Cublington from 1877 until 1736. I am new at genealogy and have researched all the normal lines of enquiry without success but would appreciate any advice or assistance as to what lines of enquiry may be able to help me trace the parents or forebears of John Halsey born 1736 in cublington. Many thanks for your help. James Halsey (Membership No H245)
82. Date: 16th July 2012 22:39
Name: Sue Kite
Comment: Am lookin for any information about the Stallwood family from Wycombe. William Henry and his father Alfred are both registered as being from the County of Buckinghamshire. Alfred married Emily Nash in 1846. Would appreciate if anyone has information about Alfreds brothers and sisters or parents. I have not been able to find any record of his family on the Census forms.I have had slightly more luck with Emily Nash and her parents and also John Menday and Maria Brandon. These families all connect and end up in Shoreditch and surrounding areas in London in the 1900's. They then all connect at my grand mother Florence Ada Stallwood. Thank you
83. Date: 30th June 2012 19:28
Name: Vivien Smith
Comment: I am looking for any information on the Biants and Pitwells of Cuddington, and the Linney family from North Marston.
84. Date: 24th June 2012 17:56
Name: les hatton
Comment: I am researching the Hattons in Bucks and in particular the origins of Thomas Hatton, who married 3 times in Lavendon; 1 m Alice Chester, 02.12.1605 (buried 13.02.1614); 2 m Agnes Hensam, 29.05.1614 (buried 30.03.1615); and 3 m Anne Bitchenoll 09.11.1615 (buried 26.10.1647). Thomas was buried 06.02.1648 Lavendon. I am descended from Thomas, b ~1627, son of his 3rd marriage, who was described as lactarii (milkman, dairy farmer?)
85. Date: 8th June 2012 17:53
Name: Kenny Howell
Comment: I live in the U.S. and I have researched our family back to the 1700s in North Carolina. The oldest descendant I can find is Ralph Howell, b. 1757. He is also known as Raiford or Raeford. It is believed that his parents were William Howell and Martha Raiford. His grandfather is believed to be John Howell IV. His great-grandparents are believed John Howell Jr. and Elizabeth Shelby. His great-great grandparents are believed to be John Howell Sr. and Susannah Mitchell. John Howell Sr. was believed to be born around Nov. 24, 1623 in Weedon, Buckinghamshire. Several generations of Howells came before them, all in Weedon. Does anyone have any information on this?
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